There are good wholesalers out there, it’s just most of them are not. Anyone who says wholesaling is an easy way to start is mistaken. There are thousands of realtors, rehabbers, and landlords all competing for the same properties. You not only have to get to these properties before any of these people but you must also get a larger discount on them. That’s where your profit comes from. The good wholesalers in my area have years of RE experience and more knowledge then most other investors. All are real estate brokers and most have other credentials such as being a general contractor, mortgage broker, home builder, rehabber, and/or landlord. As far as I know none of them started out as wholesalers. Only one of them focuses almost exclusively on wholesaling.

That said if you can find deals you’ll have no problem selling them. People will be jumping all over themselves to get. They’ll offer full price, cash offers with no contingencies. If they are not you don’t have the right property or the right price. If a property has no decent recent comps though most investors will not deal with it. You have to avoid those properties since your buyers will do the same. With out reasonable comps it is very difficult to place a value on a property.