I stongly disagree that spending anywhere from $10,000 up $100,000 on a real estate coach is the way to begin you investing career. In fact doing so may ensure that you never get started. I’m sure that some coaches can provide a lot of benefit but the kind of money that some of them charge is just insane. With that much money an investor should try to do a small deal themselves. I researched real estate for years before I made my first investment and I feel like I learned just as much or more in a couple of months from doing my first deal.

You can learn plenty from books, forums, and local real estate clubs and I have found most investors love to talk about what they do. I read somewhere that you should year intensely for a year and then make your first buy or you are over analyzing. With this education you should be able to get a couple deals together and then decide if you need or want coaching. A more experienced investor is more likely to make a good decision about what coaching they need then a newbie.